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Terms and Conditions


Host Family Accommodation - Terms and Conditions/General Agreement

Bookings are confirmed upon receipt of completed application form and when requisite funds have been paid.

Bookings from outside the UK

Payments for all bookings to be sent via bank (Please contact us for bank details). On completion of bank transaction send bank receipt via email to

Making a short term reservation (up to 6 weeks)

Full cost of booking payable in advance.

Making a long term reservation

Initial 5 weeks of booking payable in advance. After this period, clients will be required to confirm their intention to remain in the same accommodation. As long as the family are in agreement with this, the remaining period is payable four-weekly in advance to London Host Families Ltd..

Notice: A two weeks minimum notice period is required by the family.


Cancellation of bookings already made: More than 30 days before departure, 90% of total moneys paid is refundable. Between 30 and 15 days 50% of total cost of booking is refundable. Between 15 and 8 days, 25% of total cost of booking is refundable. There will be no refund on cancellations made less than 8 days before the commencement date of the intended stay.

Once a client has arrived, no refund is given in case of cancellation caused by death or ill health of the client, family member or travelling companions and London Host Families Ltd. urges clients to take out insurance against such an eventuality. Clients are also advised that their belongings are not automatically insured against theft, loss or damage and should take out personal/travel insurance.


Clients should go directly to their family accommodation on arrival. It is essential that arrival times, destination airport, station etc is communicated beforehand to London Host Families Ltd. as otherwise there may be no one at the family home to greet them when they arrive.

After arrival: First five weeks stay is non refundable.


Telephone: Clients must apply directly to the family for use of the telephone and must assume that whilst incoming calls are usually granted they may not use the telephone at the expense of the family under any circumstance without express permission.

Use of kitchen, washing machine, dryer, hairdryers and other appliances are at the discretion of the family.

Visitors are not allowed to enter the house unless by express permission.

No direct arrangement can be made between client and host.

Clients are given front door keys and are urged to take great care not to mislay them as this may incur the cost of lock replacement and copy keys for all family members - please be prepared to pay for the repair of replacement of any item you may lose or damage.

Clients are asked to respect the family members and/or other paying guests and not make undue noise or create disturbance.

London Host Families Ltd. reserves the right to remove any client from their host family accommodation if their behavior is deemed unreasonable. Equally, alternative host family accommodation will be sought for any client not receiving adequate accommodation and service from their host family.

If you have a complaint please report immediately in person or by phone to London Host Families Ltd.. Your complaint will be quickly and efficiently dealt with and if necessary we will offer you alternative accommodation. LHF will not pay for hoor other accommodation taken if you decide not to take the accommodation we offer.

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